Oil & Gas Solutions

Ensuring operational reliability, improved energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

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THE GLOBAL DEMAND for crude oil challenges the world economy as well as the facility managers of production, transportation, storage, and refining operations. CIRCOR understands the pressures you face. The remote locations, extreme climates and limited people resources of onshore and offshore production facilities. The downstream production commitments and erratic rail tank car schedules in transport. The shifting needs of varied inventory that must be turned around quickly in storage facilities. The escalating number of environmental regulations and significant power needs in refineries. Customers turn to CIRCOR for fluid-handling solutions that transfer critical fluids without interruption and keep equipment running at peak efficiency.  Because failure is not an option in oil & gas.

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Oil & Gas Solutions

CIRCOR tackles tough challenges in four distinct oil & gas applications: exploration & production, transportation, storage, and refinery & petrochemical. Our expert team of oil industry engineers and technicians work with you to deliver the right solutions for your unique fluid handling needs. In fact, CIRCOR’s trusted brands – Allweiler®, Imo®, Houttuin™, Tapco Enpro, Delta Valve, Tushaco®, RTK®, Schroedahl®, Warren® and Zenith® – help move more than 4.5 million barrels of crude every day, with our unique ability to deliver:

  • A portfolio of rotary PD pumps that outperform traditional centrifugal pumps in these applications along multiple metrics
  • Critical pump and valve application expertise, encompassing deep design and process knowledge, industry thought leadership and years of experience and proven successes in the field.
  • A global network of associates, distributors and service technicians ready to provide start-up assistance, training, analysis, troubleshooting and repair wherever and whenever you need us.

CIRCOR Advantage: Ensured operational reliability, improved energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Oil & Gas Platform

Taking Oil Processing to the Extreme

Our oil production systems are designed for superior safety and reliability so you can focus on what matters most – running your operations with maximum output. Whatever your challenge – water or land, remote locations, limited operators and extreme climates – CIRCOR specialists can customize a result that fits.

Oil & Gas Pipeline

From Pipeline to Storage and Everything in Between

Transport crude oil from production to refineries more effectively with CIRCOR pipeline solutions. We make this challenging, round the-clock exercise straightforward and reliable by delivering the know-how and products for all your transport applications – crude oil pipelines, rail car loading and unloading facilities, marine barges and FPSO vessels.

Oil & Gas Storage

The Upside of Midstream Processing

Move fluids with speed and precision by having the right people and technology in place. Backed by a team of knowledgeable specialists, CIRCOR terminal station solutions ensure efficiency flows downstream, whether you’re charged with loading and unloading fluids or storing, redistributing and consolidating them.

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Oil & Gas Refining

Setting the Standard for Energy Saving and Environmental Safety

Manage your complex, energy-demanding processes safely and efficiently. Your CIRCOR application team helps you navigate this world by providing a solution that meets stringent environmental regulations and is proven in major oil refining areas around the globe.

Fluid Handling Solutions
Twin-Screw Pumps Warren

Highly efficient and built to last, these heavy-duty, high pressure pumps deliver efficient performance year after year and are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry.

Max. Disch. Pressure [PSIG] :


Max. Flow Rate [GPM] :


Max. Viscosity [mm²/s] :


Max. Fluid Temperature [°F] :


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Houttuin 249 Twin Screw Pump
Twin-Screw Pumps Houttuin

Optimized for dry running, stripping and self-priming to ensure low NPSH requirements. In addition, low, medium and high pressure versions are available and the pumps are available for CIP. 

Max. Capacity [m³/h] :


Max. Differential Pressure [bar] :


Max. Fluid Temperature [°C] :


Viscosity Range [cSt] :


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Three-Screw Pumps IMO

MFG in Monroe, NC USA

IMO 8L series pumps are designed for pipeline transport in medium to high pressure service on crude oils, fuel oils and other petroleum products.

Max. Dis. Pressure [PSIG] :


Max. Flow Rate [GPM] :


Max. Viscosity [mm²/s] :


Max. Fluid Temperature [°F] :


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