Industrial Solutions

Offering comprehensive solutions that keep manufacturing processes online and facilities operating reliably and safely.

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INDUSTRY MAKES THE WORLD WORKCIRCOR keeps your manufacturing processes online and operating at peak efficiency.  We understand the rotating equipment requirements of machine builders. That’s why we design, engineer, and manufacture rugged fluid-handling solutions for a vast range of critical industrial applications with complex requirements, helping to ensure uninterrupted, precision performance.

Industrial Solutions

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You demand optimum performance of your critical equipment. CIRCOR delivers the right solutions across a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, mining, pulp and paper, waste water and building construction. In these global markets, engineers and operators rely on pumps, engineered systems, critical application expertise and technical support from trusted CIRCOR brands – Allweiler®, Imo®, Houttuin™, Tushaco®, Warren® and Zenith® – for fluid-handling solutions that deliver on local requirements, such as:

  • Increased output in a pulp and paper bleach plant by as much as one-third, without increasing baseline costs.
  • Reduced the footprint by 30% in a chemical process plant.
  • Extended the life of a PC pump stator three times longer in the worst sludge applications.

Engineers and operators of industrial plants face greater challenges than ever before in terms of environmental protection‚ operations‚ safety and availability. CIRCOR can help you overcome these challenges by working with you from the beginning of the design process‚ all the way through to startup and operation. Our expertise can help you solve your toughest challenges in these sub-markets:

  • Chemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Steel & Primary Metals
  • Machine Construction
  • Gear Boxes and Compressors
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Tool Machines
  • Construction & Building
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Food & Beverages
  • Industrial Boilers

CIRCOR Advantage: Offering comprehensive solutions that keep manufacturing processes online and facilities operating reliably and safely.

Allweiler EMTEC-C Three Screw Pump

EMTEC-C three-screw pumps excel at moving chips and particles away from cutting surfaces both precisely and efficiently. And with its incredibly durable construction, it's a level of performance that will stand up to even the harshest environments.

Allweiler EMTEC® SeriesLearn More
Allweiler SNA Series Three Screw Pump

CIRCOR’s Allweiler SNA series of next-generation industrial lube oil three-screw pump systems are the ideal solution when nothing less than API-level quality will do. Engineered to last, this series is built to API 676/682 guidance and allows skid builders to offer flexible solutions, cost-effective pricing and reasonable delivery times to their customers.

Allweiler SNA® SeriesLearn more
Allweiler Optifix Progressing Cavity pump

Allweiler OptiFix has a specially designed dismounting device that enables you to remove the stator and rotor while the discharge casing and suction casing are still installed in the piping, giving it best-in-class mean time to repair (MTTR).

Allweiler OPTIFIX™ SeriesLearn more
Three-Screw Pumps IMO

MFG in Monroe, NC  &

Columbia, KY USA

The 3D series pumps is a general purpose design suitable for many applications including lubrication, fuel transport and burner service, low pressure hydraulic applications and hydraulic elevator service.

Max. Dis. Pressure [PSIG] :


Max. Flow Rate [GPM] :


Max. Viscosity [mm²/s] :


Max. Fluid Temperature [°F] :


More details
Three-Screw Pumps IMO

MFG in Columbia, KY USA

This series pump are dependable solutions for: Power units of hydraulic lifts, e.g. passengers, panoramic, hospital, handicapped people, goods, small-loads and automobile lifts; Lifting platforms and theatre stages; Other hydraulically driven machines.

Max. Capacity [GPM] :


Max. Pressure [psiD] :


Max. Viscosity [SSU] :


Max. Speed [rpm] :


More details
Precision Gear Pumps Zenith

MFG in Monroe NC USA

The 9000 series metering pumps are designed to deliver accurate and repeatable flow of metering additives, colorants, hydrogen fuel cell MEA gasketing sealant and adhesive application, or chemicals in a compact and efficient design. 

Materials :

400SS, 316SS, Tool Steel

Max. Pressure [psi] :


Avail. Cap. Range [cc/min] :


Max. Outlet Pressure [PSI] :


More details
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