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The Challenges
You Face Everyday

You measure success by inventory turnover. Unloading and loading of product and petroleum tankers, rail cars and tanker trucks must be performed as quickly as possible. Wasted time is lost revenue. The fluid handling equipment at these facilities must not only be reliable, but efficient as well, delivering the flow needed to move fluids into, around and out of the terminal.

The above-ground tanks at the Storage terminal serve as the midstream receiving and distribution point for the crude oil that has traveled to this location via pipeline‚ rail car‚ truck tanker or ocean vessel. In addition to crude oil and heavy fuel oil‚ a wide range of premium‚ light end hydrocarbons (e.g.‚ sales oil‚ naphtha‚ distillates and gasoline) are also cycled through these temporary holding points.

Apart from those products arriving via pressurized pipeline‚ all of the other aforementioned transportation methods will require process pumps to unload their cargo and to transfer it to the Storage tanks. At the required time‚ the tanks will then need to be unloaded to support blending activities at the terminal‚ or for exporting by means of vessels berthed at the terminal jetty or via a supply pipeline interconnected to a nearby downstream process facility.


Fluid Handling Solutions

Critical applications in your workplace where incoming finished products, crude oil and fuel oils must be off loaded and managed safely within your terminal operation, demand diligent supervision. In your world, failure just isn’t an option for services such as:

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Loading & Unloading 

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Circulation & Blending

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Tank-to-tank Transfer

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Injection & Pipeline Transfer

CIRCOR’s Fluid Handling Solutions are used Across the Globe

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In both hemispheres, CIRCOR has demonstrated its expertise and experience in applying the right flow solution for all of the major terminal fluid handling duties: vessel loading, circulation and blending system, tank-to-tank transfer, vessel and truck loading as well as injection and pipeline transfer.  With its extensive product portfolio from world class manufacturers like Allweiler, Houttuin, Imo and Warren, CIRCOR is able to draw upon nearly 400 years of know-how in applying fluid handling solutions using volumetric pumps.

Solutions in action

Export and transport from the facility

loading unloading elements 1_Vessel Loading

Consolidated product from local producers is readied in above ground storage tanks for immediate loading on oceangoing vessels and inland barges when they are berthed. Like the unloading operation, the cargo manifold and loading arms are initially fed at a low rate. This affords time for the inert gas vapors, which are currently occupying the cargo holds, to be evacuated. In this case, the cargo is conveyed to the vessel by large capacity pumps located on shore within the terminal. As the transfer volumes increase, more loading arms are utilized which elevates the backpressure in the system. Volumetric pumps are widely used for these services as their throughput remains constant during the complete loading cycle.

  • Crude Oil
  • Heating Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Bitumen

  • Flow Rates up to 3000 m3/h (13250 usgpm)

  • Pressures up to 16 bar (230 psi)

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For land based distribution, truck gantries are utilized to facilitate the loading of transport trailers. These rapid, intermittent services are designed to handle multiple products, each being transferred from storage tanks to truck-mounted tanks via flexible loading arms. As most gantries are configured to support the loading of multiple trucks at one time, the delivery rates demanded from the pumps vary significantly. Adjustable speed control of the pumping equipment reduces the need for control valves, minimizes the need to recycle excess capacity, which in turn improves the operating performance of truck loading systems. Rotary positive displacement pumps, due to their broad operating range, are the ideal technology to employ for truck loading operations.

  • HFO
  • Bitumen
  • Gasoline Products

  • Flow rates up to 100 m3/h (440 usgpm) 
  • Pressures up to 10 bar (145 psi)
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loading unloading elements 1_Ijjection and pipeline transfer

Injection and pipeline transfer In many instances, terminals are located in close proximity to refineries. Interconnecting pipelines provide an economical and efficient conduit for delivering feed stocks to these downstream operations. Depending upon the needs of the refinery, multiple products may need to be batched. Transferring products of varying viscosities and densities can be reliably handled using rotary positive displacement pumps.

  • Blended Cruide Oil
  • Jet Fuel
  • Gasoline Products

  • Flow rates up to 750 m3/h (3300 usgpm)
  • Pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psi)
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Technical Details

Proven terminal fluid handling solutions

CIRCOR rotary PD pumps help you to complete fluid transfer operations safely and on time.



Loading & Unloading

Flow rates up to:

3000 m3/h

Pressure up to:

16 bar

Circulation & Blending

1500 m3/h

16 bar

Tank-to-tank Blending           

3000 m3/h

16 bar

Injection & Pipeline Transfer    1000 m3/h 50 bar



Case Study

Tested, Trusted Pump Technology
Keeps Refinery Poised For High Performance

The challenge: Unloading Crude With All Due Speed, Lower Energy Can an oil refinery needing to pick up rail unloading speed while lowering its own embedded energy costs accomplish the twin goals with one solution? For a PADD 1 refinery, the answer, partnering with CIRCOR, was a resounding “yes.” Read more about how refinery’s pump system was ready for action after just 26 weeks after submittal of final certified drawings.

Read more


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