Zenith Drum Metering System


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Meter - Mix - Dispense Solutions

When Accurate Additive Delivery Is Vital

Precision, with consistency, is everything. That’s why we design and tailor your metering pump systems to any process application, including dosing, filling, injection, coating, coloring, flavoring, extruding, spraying and fiber spinning. We can accommodate fragrance metering, colorants, fillers, antioxidants, surfactants, emulsifiers, preservatives, adhesives and expensive trace ingredients—hot, cold, corrosive, viscous, shear-sensitive, you name it.




Reduces CAPEX Costs

Eliminates the need for expensive feed pumps, flow meters, pressure regulators and dampeners.


Eliminate Sealing Costs and Maintenance

Submersible design removes the need for shaft seal thus eliminating common sealing concerns.


Only 3 Moving Parts

The simplicity of the design, often only 3 moving parts, also contributes to reduced maintenance costs.



A variety of pump sizes and models are available to handle a wide range of: flow rates, pressures, viscosities and temperatures.



Zenith's experienced Application Engineers can assist in selecting the right pump for your critical process.


30 Years Plus

Through hardened materials resulting in long service life.


Zenith pumps are constructed of premium materials for wear resistance and long life. The simplicity of the design, often only 3 moving parts, also contributes to reduced maintenance costs.



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Zenith Drum Metering Pump

Designed to perform

The Drum Pump - Metering Using a Single Unit

With the drum pump, Zenith pump specialists have created a pump designed specifically for metering a wide range of viscous materials such as adhesives, silicones and other high-viscosity materials from drums and other large containers.

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Zenith Drum Metering Pumps

ZENITH 9000 Series

MFG in Monroe, NC USA

The 9000 series metering pumps are designed to deliver accurate and repeatable flow of metering additives, colorants, hydrogen fuel cell MEA gasketing sealant and adhesive application, or chemicals in a compact and efficient design.

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Industries Served

Viscous fluid pumps for thick slurries, oils, waste and food

The nature of high viscosity liquids can vary a lot from heavy fuel oils to solid laden sludges to paste-like adhesives and food products.  Zenith pumps are quality constructed viscous fluid pumps that include a range of different pumps for a wider range of applications.

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Working with Zenith

3 zenith icon ability


Outstanding ability to deliver precise, repeatable flow resulting from the use of highly accurate system components.

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Superior pressure viscosity capability resulting from special, high-strength materials and optimized component design.

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Extensive experience and capability in service agreements and custom engineering.

Zenith Precision Gear Pumps

Precision, backed by consistency.

With accurate, reliable & pulse-free performance over a wide range of process applications & fluid conditions, Zenith pumps deliver the greatest value at the lowest total cost of ownership with every solution.

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